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4th Feb, 2024

Best Places to see in Nepal

- himalayaheart

Know about the best places to see in Nepal before you plan your holiday to the Himalayan country.

It is almost impossible to choose between the best places of Nepal because all the destinations are equally best, beautiful and important from the eyes of any traveler. It would be a misfortune for the traveler if any of the travel destinations is missed. Although we have explained about some of the best places to see in Nepal which are as follows:-

Table of Contents


PokharaAlthough Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal; Pokhara valley can be considered as the capital of beauty, nature and adventure tourism. This city is the second developed city after the capital city Kathmandu. Pokhara is also gateway to the famous trekking route of Nepal i.e. Annapurna Circuit through the ACAP region of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas. The panoramic views of three highest mountains in the world i.e. Dhaulagiri I (26,795 ft.), Manaslu (26,781 ft.) and Annapurna I (26,545 ft.) also can be enjoyed during your Bokhara stay. The Magnificent view of image of Mt. Fishtail (22,943 ft.) lying on the lap of Lake Fewa is a pleasure to watch. Sarangkot ; a major hill station for viewing the panoramic mountain as well as the city view also offering paragliding in recent years is also a centre of attraction for tourists coming to pokhara. Pokhara is home for different lakes such as Fewa, Begnas, Rupa etc and also accompany different naturaly marvellous caves named Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Gupteshwar cave etc. Pokhara also provides friendly environment to the ones who are here for religious purposes; the reason behind this is different monasteries and temples present here. Davis falls and Seti gorge are also worth watching places at Pokhara.


LumbiniLumbini is the place where founder of peace; Gautam Buddha was born and stayed until the age of 29 years. It has become one of the best pilgrimage centers for Buddhists in the recent years. Gautam Buddha lived roughly in Between 563 and 483 BEC. Buddha took his first bath in the holy pond namely Puskarini which is present at Lumbini. The meaning of Lumbini in historic language Sanskrit is ‘The lovely’. Lumbini consists of a larger area which is meant to build different monasteries rather than any restaurant, hotels or lodge. In 1997 Lumbini was recognized as one of the UNESCO world heritage site and also nominated for the international world heritage program. Lots of promotional activities are also being conducted for the promotion of the birth place of Gautam Buddha in Nepal i.e. Lumbini.

Lumbini is approximately 10 hrs drive from Kathmandu; the capital and 45 minutes drive from Bhairahawa. The closest airport; Gautam Buddha airport at bhairahawa is the one and only means of air transportation present here.

Sagarmatha National park

Established on July 19, 1976; Sagarmatha National park is a conservation area reserved for the highest peak on earth above sea level i.e. M.t. Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepali) as well as it is the habitat of rare and endangered species such as snow leopard and lesser panda. It approximately lies in the area of 1148 km2 (443 sq. miles) which lies in Solukhumbu district at eastern part of Nepal. The elevation here varies from the height of 2845 meters (9334 ft.) at Jorsalle to 8848 meters (29029 ft.) at summit of Mount everest.Sherpas are the main cultural group living in this region with cultural richness as well as the bravery they posses are sometimes very helpful.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

When anybody talks about jungle Safari adventure; name of Chitwan National Park always comes at front in Nepal. Although the national park was established in 1973 A.D; it was granted the status of world heritage site in 1984 A.D. only. This national park covers the area of 932 Km2 (360 sq miles). The north and west side’s boundaries are naturally formed by Narayani and Rapti River. Jungle safari by foot, jeep and elephant is the most popular adventure activities being conducted in this area with great local hospitality. Tharu cultural performance by the local people is also an eye appealing activity being conducted here.This national park mainly bears responsibility for the conservation of endangered species such as basking mugger crocodile, Bengal tiger, white throated kingfisher, male paradise flycatcher etc.

Three durbar squares

The most popular durbar squares mostly visited lies in the Kathmandu valley’s three major districts namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. All of the durbar squares are listed in the Unesco’s world heritage site lists. The brief description of three durbar squares present in this valley is mentioned below:-

Kathmandu Durbar Square

KathmanduKathmandu durbar square shows the pure architectural style of newari art. Newar are the oldest and main cultural group present in Kathmandu valley. All the spectacular sites of monuments present in Kathmandu durbar square shows the reflection of development activities and the skills possessed by the people during malla and shah king’s period who ruled over the city. Hanuman dhoka is the present name of this square formed from the statue of mighty monkey god’s statue present at this durbar square.

Patan Durbar Square


This Durbar square is the palace of ancient Malla kings who ruled over the kingdom of lalitpur.Krishna temple, Bhimsen temple, taleju temple are one of the famous temples present in this durbar square. The beautiful art and architecture present here would attract anybody’s eyesight for a while.Although the history of this durbar square is not so clear till now; the credits of main reform is given to the ancient Malla kings.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

BhaktapurBhaktapur, lying 13 k.m. east of Kathmandu; is the home for one of the finest architectural strutucture present in the country.Only 6 out of 99 couryards are present in this Square; other are damaged by the earthquake of 1934.55 windows palace, Golden gate, lion’s gate, mini pashupati temple, Nyatapola temple etc are the most famous monuments present here.

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