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Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon 2024
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28th Dec, 2022

Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon 2024

- himalayaheart

Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon season is certainly a doable adventure. Although it rains and keeps the days wet throughout the season, you can still trek in the mountains in Nepal. Be it the stretch of the trail to the Everest Base Camp or any other trekking trips, you will be able to do it even in monsoon.

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Monsoon certainly adds several hardships during the adventure, there are so many things that you can still enjoy. The trekking adventure is still enjoyable given the fewer people on the trail and amazing greenery of the surroundings.Fine Us Here

What is Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon like?

The most famous base camp trek of all, the trek to the base camp of the highest mountain on earth looks fabulous during monsoon. As soon as you land in Lukla, you will feel the monsoon-enhanced greenery. When you enter the Dudh Koshi River valley on the trek, you can enjoy the surging river view with its wonderful surroundings.

As you walk through the trail, you will come across beautiful monsoon fed waterfalls, natural springs, and lovely greenery. Watching the mountains playing peekaboo with the clouds is certainly a beautiful view to watch.

Things to Enjoy on the trek in Monsoon

Although it is the rainy season, you will get to explore and exploit some wonderful surroundings and view. Beautiful greenery, cascading river, waterfalls, mountains, and other beautiful surroundings make the trek wonderful even in monsoon.

You will certainly enjoy trekking in a peaceful atmosphere as you meet only fewer trekkers along the trail. As the monsoon starts with the end of one of the main tourist seasons, there are very few people taking the challenge of trekking to the base camp of Mt. Everest. So, you will have the whole trekking adventure with fewer people and a peaceful atmosphere.

Challenges to Trek in Monsoon

A big challenge, not only of the Everest base camp trek but also of all the trekking trips, is a slippery trail. The entire trail throughout the trek is slippery due to the rain. The slipperiness of the trail may cause you to be slower on the trail since you need to be extra careful as you walk.

Apart from a slippery trail, the rain itself can be another challenge. As the high rainfall season, almost every day expects the rain. And if you have to walk in the rain, it certainly is a challenge to go through.

You will also face the challenge of leeches along the trail. As you walk through forests and bushes, leeches are always there ready to suck your blood during the monsoon. You certainly need some precautions to deal with this challenge.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon season is certainly a doable and enjoyable adventure. You will surely have a unique experience of trekking to the Everest base camp.

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