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Why is Manaslu Circuit Trek Special?
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24th Jun, 2024

Why is Manaslu Circuit Trek Special?

- himalayaheart

When we talk about trekking, the first option that comes to mind is Mount Everest base camp because it’s the highest point. Fortunately, there is another option: the Manaslu Circuit trek. It’s a hidden trekking route in Nepal because of its famous neighbour, Annapurna Circuit.

Table of Contents

People think the Everest Base Camp is popular because it’s crowded. But, if you go in-depth, you will find the Manaslu circuit trek crowded, too.

Specialty of trekking Manaslu circuit

  • The Manaslu circuit trek is less crowded than other treks in Nepal. Sometimes, it gives a remote experience that many trekkers look for. Less crowd helps you enjoy the natural beauty of the region without the hustle and bustle.
  • Cultural diversity is among the best things you will find while trekking the Manaslu circuit. You will meet people from different ethnic groups, namely Nubri and Tsum.
  • The scenic view during the Manaslu base camp trek is amazing. Himalayan peaks, alpine forests and terraced fields are some of the beautiful trek views. The rich natural elements of the region, including various flora and fauna is perfect.
  • If you stay in teahouses, you will love the service of the owners. They offer traditional meals to keep you connected with the local tradition. This is available throughout the Manaslu base camp trek.
  • Manaslu circuit is less commercialized, making it more adventurous with an authentic experience. Your relationship with nature and the local culture will get stronger.

Difference between Manaslu Circuit Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek 

Manaslu Circuit Trek

As the Manaslu Circuit trek is less crowded, it gives a genuine trekking experience. People have more space to trek safely and conveniently. The off-beaten path gives a sense of exploration and adventure.

Cultural diversity is the major focus of the Manaslu circuit trek. There are many ethnic groups, namely Nubri and Tsum. They show the actual picture of the cultural richness and treat you accordingly.

The access to Manaslu circuit trek is restricted for many people. You might need special trekking permits to explore the region. This restriction has kept the naturalness of the area alive, which appeals to many trekkers.

The best part of the Manaslu Circuit trek is that it offers stunning views of Mount Manaslu.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna circuit trek has many attractions, which include the iconic Thorong La Pass, diverse landscapes and ethnic villages. Compared to the Manaslu circuit trek, the Annapurna circuit trek has developed infrastructure and facilities, making it more accessible to some trekkers.tripadvisor


What should be your choice?

The choice between the Annapurna and Manaslu base camp trek depends on your personal preference for privacy, cultural diversity and adventure level. Remember, both Manaslu and Annapurna circuits offer unique experiences. Make a decision based on your priorities and interests.

Wrapping Lines

Technically, the Manaslu base camp trek is relatively easy. The trail becomes challenging only at higher elevations. So, without any worries, book your package for trekking the Manaslu circuit.

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