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Top 10 Adventure Holiday Activities in Nepal 2024/2025
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28th Dec, 2022

Top 10 Adventure Holiday Activities in Nepal 2024/2025

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Nepal offers numerous adventure activites for tourist. Among them top 10 adventure activities are desciribed in this article. Top 10 Adventure Activities in Nepal

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Mountaineering in Nepal can be termed as number one adventurous activities conducted till date. Nepal consists of all eight highest peaks around the globe leaving the 2nd and the 9th ones. Nepal is a paradise for the mountaineers who seek the new taste of climbing. The option varies for all kind of climbers where peaks ranging from the 5000 meters lower elevation peaks to above 8000 meters and some of them are Pumori, Amadablam, Baruntse are considered the popular among the mountaineers climbing 6000m & 7000m peaks where as Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Everest are the famous among the mountaineers climbing 8000 meter peaks. It is one of the most thrilling experience for the climbers to reach the top of the world i.e. Mount Everest. Mountaineering in Nepal consists of no other options so different mountaineers come to Nepal just for the experience of the incredible adventure. There are some peaks which can be climbed with basic climbing skills and also other mountains which need a greater experience and skills in climbing.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is considered as one of the best adventure activity around the world and ‘the last resort’ in Nepal is the only institute providing the experience of bungee in Nepal. The breathtaking bungee jumping point in Nepal is situated at the Bhotekoshi River. Bungee in Nepal is a free from above the height of 500ft (160m) form a suspension bridge above the river. This is also considered as one of the longest bungee jumping spot around the world. The bridge and the equipments used in this jump are very much concerned about the security and there is also not any record of the fatality till although this is one of the breathtaking activities in Nepal and around the world. It takes roughly 3 hours to reach the Bungee spot ‘the last resort’ from Kathmandu.


Paragliding in Nepal is recently being popular among the adventure seekers. The top cliffs and other locations make Nepal one of the best destinations for paragliding. The pleasant and calm weather supports the paragliding adventure in Nepal. Recently paragliding activities are being conducted in Sarangkot, Pokhara of Nepal at the range of 1592m of height. Paragliding in Nepal is recommended for all experienced and novice because the paragliding guide will support you from the point of the take off to the landing point if you are beginner. While you are at flight you are going to share the sky with Himalayan Griffin Vultures, Eagles, kites and you will float over the small villages, monasteries, lakes, Temples and jungles too. Pokhara is one of the best destinations for viewing Annapurna Mountain ranges, Mt. fishtail, Annapurna South, Himchuli, Annapurna II, III, IV, Lamjung Himal, Mt. Manashlu and Mt. Dhaulagiri during your paragliding experience.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the best adventure activities around the world. Rock climbing includes the activity to climb the higher rock cliffs across, upwards and in different direction to reach the top using different technique and equipments. Rock climbing is passion and addiction for the climbers. Lots of cliffs are present in Nepal which may offer new tastes for the climbers. Rock climbing is being operated in numerous destinations in Nepal including Balaju, Hattiban, Thame, Kakani, Bandipur etc. The unlimited option for Rock climbing in Nepal gives you the best way to experience the amazement and thrill of the rock climbing routes present here. In most of the routes foreigners are not allowed to enter the site without a Nepali guide. The rock climbing destinations present here serves the adventure for both the beginners and the advanced climbers. So, rock climbing in Nepal can be considered as one of the best adventure activities.


Canyoning just started to thrill the adventure seeks after the establishment of Nepal Canyoning Association in the year 2007. Nepal can serve the experience of canyoning to all kind of adventure lovers. Actually speaking; Canyoning is an activity to move towards the high flowing stream of water as cannon. These kinds of activities are done in different kinds of stones and streams of waterfalls present here in Nepal. Lots of options are available for you to perform canyoning in Nepal with experienced guides of canyoning. The most famous places to perform canyoning in Nepal are Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Kakani, Marshyangdi etc. Canyoning in Nepal can be considered as one of the best adventurous activities.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is done with the help of a rubberized boat, paddles and the safety equipments used are helmets, life jacket, first aid kit, etc. Nepal is the second richest country in the world for water resources and there is no doubt that it can provide the rafting activities of all grades ranging from grade one to eight. Some of the rafting destination to fulfill your adventure dream are Trishuli River (rafting for 1 up to 3 days), Seti River (rafting trip 2 days), Bhote Koshi River (rafting 2 days), Kali Gandaki River (rafting 3 days), Marsyandi River (rafting/kayaking 4 days), Sun Koshi River (rafting 7 to 9 days), Arun River (rafting adventure 9 days), Karnali River (whitewater rafting 10 days), Tamur River (rafting adventure 11 days).

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Nepal can be classified as one of the best activities for adventure seekers. The rough trails at the mountainous country of Nepal are one of the best destinations for Mountain Biking. Mountain biking is the activity which is conducted with the help of a specially modified mountain bicycle to run along the difficulties of the trail. It is a fun and lifetime activity for the mountain bikers. Anybody can enjoy the biking experience as a cultural tour in the Kathmandu valley or the natural mountainous routes such as Annapurna circuit, Upper Mustang, etc. You should cross the higher cliffs, suspension bridges, small water bodies during your mountain biking enjoying the scenarios of hills and river valleys.


Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular activities conducted here. Generally trekking is a gentle walk to reach on a certain point with a maintained pace. Trekking in Nepal can be considered as one of the most adventurous activities because you have to reach the upper Himalayas where there is lack of oxygen and difficulties in respiratory system. Trekking in Nepal can be from a week to a month long here in Nepal. Sometimes Nepal is also termed as trekkers paradise due to its diversity found along the trekking trails. Nepal consists of eight highest peaks around the globe leaving the second and ninth ones. Trekking up to the bases of those giant peaks is one of the best experiences. Trekking became one of the best adventurous activities in Nepal due to its best trekking destination such as Annapurna Base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Everest base camp trek, Langtang Himal trek, etc.

Elephant Polo

Elephant polo is a game of polo played riding an elephant which was originated in Meghauli in Chitwan district of Nepal. In elephant polo there are two teams participating where the mahout of each elephant controls the direction and the other rider aims the ball towards the goal. The headquarters of elephant polo in Nepal is tiger tops where the world championship of elephant polo is held. Different countries have considered elephant polo as illegal considering the animal violence. Everybody cannot participate in this game because a lot of good skill is needed for this activity although there are lots of visitors for viewing the adventure of elephant polo.

Jungle safari

Jungle safari is one of the best activities to know the wildlife form the nearest viewpoint. You can encounter with the Bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, wild boar and other deadly creatures during your safari which certainly add the extreme adventure for your journey. There are three different kinds of Jungle safari available in Nepal; one is on foot, another is on elephant and another is on jeep. Jungle safari is done to be closer with the wildlife and experience the wild. Sometimes camping is also done in the jungle to add the thrill. There are 16 different wildlife reserves, national parks and conservation areas present in Nepal of which Chitwan National park is listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites list in natural category.

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